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Project Notes

#223 Fritzing Parts

Most projects in the LittleArduinoProjects collection a circuit schematic drawn with Fritzing. But often I needed a non-standard part for the diagram. Here they are!

NB: if I’m making a PCB, I’ll probably be using KiCad instead. More recently, I’ve been using EasyEDA as a great tool for drawing up schematics.

New Parts

These are new parts I’ve created because I wasn’t able to find an existing alternative:

Locally Cached Parts

If the part source is not in a reliable repository (e.g. GitHub), I may copy the part here with a note on its provenance.

Useful Parts Collections on GitHub

Creating Fritzing Parts

Fritzing seems caught in a perpetual 0.9 beta, and the parts editor is yet to be fully revised and documented. Some guides that are useful..


Hmm, there’s not much guidance, but here ar ea few things that seem to apply (in the current versions at least)..

  • breadboard views expect connector elements named with an ID indexed from 0 i.e. pin 0 should be named connector0pin
  • schematic views expect(?) pins and terminals with an ID indexed from 0 i.e. pin 0 should be named connector0pin and have a terminal named connector0terminal
  • render all non-standard fonts as objects

Credits and References

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This page is a web-friendly rendering of my project notes shared in the LEAP GitHub repository.

LEAP is just my personal collection of projects. Two main themes have emerged in recent years, sometimes combined:

  • electronics - usually involving an Arduino or other microprocessor in one way or another. Some are full-blown projects, while many are trivial breadboard experiments, intended to learn and explore something interesting
  • scale modelling - I caught the bug after deciding to build a Harrier during covid to demonstrate an electronic jet engine simulation. Let the fun begin..
To be honest, I haven't quite figured out if these two interests belong in the same GitHub repo or not. But for now - they are all here!

Projects are often inspired by things found wild on the net, or ideas from the many great electronics and scale modelling podcasts and YouTube channels. Feel free to borrow liberally, and if you spot any issues do let me know (or send a PR!). See the individual projects for credits where due.