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Project Notes

#540 ESP-12 DIY Dev Board

Building a programming board for the ESP8266 07/12 variants.



I have some ESP8266 modules in the ESP-7 and ESP-12E variants. They both work with adapter boards like this.

However, it turns out that programming them on a breadboard can be a bit flakey - mainly due to power/connection issues.

So I decided to try a quick build of a programming board to see if performance was more reliable.

The result - excellent. Very reliable programming.

Circuit Design

The circuit implements the recommended programming/runtime circuit. Note that some of the pull-up resistors are actually on the adapter board - these are marked as “built-in” in the schematic.



Protoboard Construction

I used a piece of 5x7cm protoboard, with the circuit layed out as follows:


Some quick and dirty soldering..


Final build, on a cardboard base:


Credits and References

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