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#486 UsingTemplates

Learning how to use C++ template functions in embedded projects with an Arduino.



LuckyResistor has just published C++ Templates For Embedded Code, the first in a series on the subject of C++ templates.

This is great! Although I’ve dabbled in C++ for years, I’ve never fully taken templates on board. Proving that they can be beneficial for embedded development is a bonus.

The First Example - circularShift

I’ve taken the circularShift example from the article, and extended the code a little to toggle the LED on pin 13 everytime circularShift wraps a 1 around.

One important point to note if you are copying code from the article:

The declaration and implementation of a function template have to be in a header file

With Arduino IDE 1.8.2, I get a compiler error like this if I try and put templates in the main sketch file:

UsingTemplates:12: error: variable or field 'circularShift' declared void
 void circularShift(Value &value) {
UsingTemplates:12: error: 'Value' was not declared in this scope
UsingTemplates:12: error: 'value' was not declared in this scope
 void circularShift(Value &value) {
exit status 1
variable or field 'circularShift' declared void

Putting the template in a header file fixes this. Also, Arduino IDE 1.8.9 does not have this issue - it can compile templates in the sketch file.

Test Run

From the console, the first iterations checkout - correct right shift on both values (should improve this to include leading 0s in the output)







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