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#377 Nokia 5110 Shield

Putting a Nokia 5110 on an Arduino Uno shield for no-fuss prototyping.



I’m finding myself using a Nokia 5110 display in various little projects, and wiring it up every time is getting a bit tiresome.

I have some prototyping shields like this and decided to mount a 5110 screen on one.

It turns out to be a tight squeeze, and I’ve actually bent out the pin headers on the shield a bit so they are still accessible for use.

Pin Arrangement

There are a range of libraries that can be used with the 5110. Some use hardware SPI, others just software control. Pin assignments do not really matter, with the exception of MOSI and SCK for hardware SPI. I decided to use the following pins for the shield

Pin Usage Arduino Uno Pin
RST reset 10
CE/SCE/SS chip enable 9
DC/CSN data/command select 8
DIN data in 11 SPI MOSI
CLK clock 13 SPI SCK
VCC power 5V
BL Backlight on when GND n/c
GND Ground GND

Test Sketch

The DIYShield.ino sketch runs a simple hardware SPI demo on the 5110, using the Adafruit-PCD8544 Library.




Wiring the protoboard. Note that by default I don’t have the backlight on.



Credits and References

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