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Project Notes

#074 Raw Arduino Infrared

Tests raw IR reception.


An exploration of IR Sensor reception based on the adafruit sample code available here.

I’ve cleaned up the code a bit and modified it to optionally pump data out for plotting with LEAP#090 PlotNValues (a simple Processing sketch). This provides a simple graphical illustration of the PWM characteristics of IR protocols.

Here’s a sample trace of the “0” key being pressed on a common MP3 player remote control:

processing trace

And another showing an LG remote control “power on/off” key press:

processing trace

This all got me reading IR Remote Control Theory to better understand operation and protocols. Next step is to start decoding the signals, however for that I might avoid re-inventing the wheel and instead try the IRremote library.


The Breadboard

The Schematic

The Build

Credits and References

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