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Project Notes

#009 Blink

The most basic LED blinking circuit.


There’s not much to note in this circuit other than it is a good test that everything is working OK. Pin 13 has an LED connected on most Arduino boards, so the off-board LED is optional.

I thought I’d measure the electritcal characteristics with various resistors and a Red LED. My Arduino is supplying 4.98V on the digital GPIO pin when taken high and measured without load. Here are the figures under load:

R1nom R1act Vr Vl V mA
220R 218R 2.69 1.95 4.65 11.5
1kR 989R 3.04 1.85 4.90 3.0
10kR 9.86kR 3.22 1.73 4.96 0.32
  • Vr = voltage drop over resistor
  • Vl = voltage drop over LED
  • V = voltage drop over resistor + LED
  • mA = current

It seems the current is a little lower than theoretical I guess that’s the accuracy and the affect of my multimeter on the circuit when doing the current measurement.


The Breadboard

The Schematic

The Build

Credits and references

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