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Project Notes

#238 AudioDSP/Crunch

AudioDSP crunchy distortion effect based on the pedalSHIELD.



Crunch.ino is a crunchy distortion effect from the pedalSHIELD examples. The pushbuttons control the volume of the output signal.

Core algorithm:

  • distortion is derived from an asymmetrical clipping system based on Schetzen formula


Not so great. The asymmetrical algorithm results in a fat bottom end but some annoying high-frequency distortion.

See SuperCrunch for the symmetrical version, which is much more pleasing.

AudioDspDriver Library

This example uses a private AudioDspDriver library that contains my refactoring of the core algorithms for driving the board. I may split this out as a stand-alone library at some point.



The Schematic


Credits and References

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