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Project Notes

#607 PZL P.7a

Building the Arma Hobby PZL P.7a 1:72 expert set. No electronics added - just enjoying this wonderfully detailed kit.



The PZL P.7a was the main fighter for the Polish Air Force in the early 1930’s.

The Kit

The Arma Hobby 70006 PZL P.7a Expert Set 1/72 is the first kit I’ve bought from this manufacturer. I have heard really good things about them, and I was certainly not disappointed. The expert set is beautifully put together and includes everything needed to produce a great rendering of this interesting aircraft from the interwar years.


Marking Option

There are four schemes offered in the kit. I’ve decided to build:

PZL P.7a, 123. Eskadra Myśliwska z Krakowa. Samolot dowódcy Eskadry kpt. pil. Mieczysława Wiórkiewicza, 1935-1936. (PZL P.7a, 123. Fighter Squadron from Cracow. The aeroplane of the Squadron commander, Cpt. Mieczysław Wiórkiewicz, 1935-1936)

Feature Colour Name Recommended Paint Paint Used  
A Matt Silver FS37178 - C003 70.997 Silver  
B NATO Black FS37030 - C125 70.950 Black  
C NATO Brown FS30051 - C188 70.941 Burnt Umber  
D - underbody Polish Light Blue-Grey FS36473 - HTK-A036/C036 79.907 Pale Grey Blue  
E - unused Dark Polish Khaki FS30118 HTK-A010/C010 70.873 US Field Drab
F - main fuselage and wings Light Polish Khaki FS30095 - HTK-A011/C011 70.921 English Uniform  


build_01a_pe_is_your_friend build_01b build_02a build_02b build_02c build_02d build_03a build_03b build_03c

build_04a build_04b build_04c

Credits and References

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