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Project Notes

#582 Schnellboot

Building the Bronco NB5004 1/350 German S-100 Class Schnellboot with a dockside diorama with LED effects.


Here’s a quick demo..



I picked up the Bronco NB5004 1/350 German S-100 Class Schnellboot from an aliexpress seller as pretty much a cheap impulse buy.

I turned out to be a lovely kit - even at 1:350, it is quite detailed, with a nice set of photoetch included.

The Kit


Kit Build

The basic build is quite straight-forward, with the only fiddly bit being the photo-etch.




Paint Scheme

Part Recommended Paint Used
propeller Tamiya X-12 Vallejo 70.878 old gold
deck surface Dark grey FS26187 Vallejo 70.870 Medium Sea Grey
deck surface (wood) Gunze H-11 Humbrol 110
upper hull Light Grey FS16515 Vallejo 70.990 Light Grey
lower hull Tamiya XF-9 Vallejo 70.985 Hull Red

Diorama Base

The diorama base is imaginary dock scene. I was mainly interested in trying the idea of a split waterline display. It came together in a fairly ad-hoc manner, and I suspect my scale might be a bit off!


The Electronics

Some simple USB-powered electronics provide LED effects:

  • two white LEDs for the lamp posts on the dock
  • an LM324 running two triangle-wave oscillators
    • the oscillators use the same components, but are not phase-locked, so they will drift over time (adding variety to the display)
  • oscillators drive green and blue “under water” LEDs



Testing the oscillators on a breadboard:

Breadboard Build

The final build uses a USB adapter module and the oscillator circuits are constructed “dead bug” style on the LM324 chip









Credits and References

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