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Project Notes

#686 U.N.C.F. Dreadnoughts

Electrifying a pair of Bandai Spirits Dreadnought-class battleships with LED effect and fibre optics.


Here’s a quick demo..



I picked up the Star Blazers 2202 Mecha Colle No.11 U.N.C.F. Dreadnought Class Set 2 Bandai Spirits No. 5056766 at a charity sale in 2022. Best $10 spent in a long time!

The United Nations Cosmo Force (UNCF) Dreadnought-class battleships are from the Space Battleship Yamato anime series.

Circuit Design

A 5v USB power connector is used to light a set of LED effects:

  • 3mm blue LED inserted in the “Wave Motion Engine” of battleship YF
  • pair of red 0805 LEDs in the “Wave Motion Gun” of battleship YF
  • white 5050 LED with fibre optics are wired up to the portholes in the main superstructure of battleship YF
  • pair of yellow 0805 LEDs in the “Wave Motion Gun” of battleship M22
  • a series of yellow 5050 LEDs in the explosive cloud following battleship M22



Paint Scheme

Feature Paint Used
M22 main color 70.908 Carmine Red
YF main color 70.870 Medium Sea Grey
fuselage highlights 70.973 Light Sea Grey
Wave Motion Engine cowling Humbrol 53

Build Log

Honestly, this kinda fell together all by itself as I was sorting new additions to the stash. Initial press-fit just to test the assembly.


A pair of red 0805 LEDs go in the “Wave Motion Gun”


3mm LED inserted in the “Wave Motion Engine”


5050 LED with fibre optics are wired up to the portholes in the main superstructure.


A pair of yellow 0805 LEDs go in the forward “Wave Motion Gun” of the other Dreadnought


Attaching some 0.9mm copper wire with epoxy for posing the ships.


Primed with Mr Hobby Aqueous Black Surfacer 1000


Quick test that all the circuits are intact after first painting pass


Fitted on a small box as a stand


Electronics and USB micro-connector installed in the box.








Matchstick for scale only! Some micro-surgery to add lighting and fibre optics, posed in an attack that is not exactly going to plan..






Credits and References

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