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#622 T-34 1942

Building the Trumpeter 1:72 T-34 Model 1942 with some CMK figures (no electronics - just practicing weathering at small scale).



The T-34 is one of the most iconic tanks of World War II, famously deployed with the Red Army on the Eastern Front / Great Patriotic War

T-34 Model 1942 was equiped with a 76.2 mm F-34 main gun. It is common referred to as the T-34/76 however this was not offical designation.


I picked up the kit at a very good price: Russian T-34/76 1942 Trumpeter No. 07206 1:72


I chose some crw figures ffomr the CMK figure set: CCCP T-34 War Tank Crew and Infantry (4pcs) CMK No. F72281 1:72



this is a fun little kit - simple build but nicely detailed


simple black primer


I’ve popped the hatches (simple kit mod) and selected two of the CMK figures to crew it


rubber tracks are the only option in the kit, and they take a bit of wrangling to finish well


hmm, figure painting in progress. Doing this with acrylics and my blends are not going so well!


The base color is Vallejo 70.897 Bronce Green. But I’ve mixed it quite a bit and layed pastel pigments later in the process.


considering the next weathering steps…


first round of pastels/pigments and oils..


some more OPR

build05a build05c

build06a build06b

taking stock.. think I’ll leave this for a few days then take a fresh look at the finish so far

build06c build06d

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