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Project Notes

#615 Polikarpov/I-153

Building the Polikarpov I-153 as used by the Guomindang Air Force - ICM 1:72 kit 72076



The Polikarpov I-153 Chaika (Чайка, Seagull) was an advanced version of the I-15 with retractable undercarriage. Some 93 craft were delivered for use by China’s Guomindang Air Force 中華民國空軍 in the second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945) where they proved quite a match for the Nakajima Ki-27 Nate.

The Kit

This is my first ICM kit, and proved a nice quick 1:72 holiday build. I was pretty impressed with the details and fit. The plastic is a little on the soft side, but it doesn’t detract from the kit - just need to be very careful with tools!

[I-153 WWII China Guomindang AF Fighter, ICM No. 72076 1:72](



I-153 China Guomindang AF, 1940

Reference Colour Tamiya Paint Used Feature
Priming     Vallejo 74.602 Black  
A Flat Black XF1 70.950 Black tires
B Olive Green XF62 70.893 US Dark Green upper body
C Flat Light Blue XF23 70.907 Pale Grey Blue + 70.839 Ultramarine + 70.953 Flat Yellow, approx 6:2:1 lower body
D Aluminium XF16 Humbrol 56 prop, cockpit cage
E Light Grey XF66 70.990 Light Grey + 70.992 Neutral Grey 2:1  
F Steel XF11 Humbrol 56 engine
G Gunmetal XF10 Humbrol 53 n/a
K Gunship Grey XF54 70.994 Dark Grey n/a


The cockpit has some nice details, though I discovered later that they are hardly visible in the finished model.


Parts primed in black..


build03a build03b build03c build03d build03e build03f

Credits and References

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