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Project Notes

#580 RWD-8 DWL

A simple build of the RWD-8 DWL Polish trainer 1:72 model 72502 from IBG Models (no electronics - yet).



The RWD 8 was designed in response to a Polish Air Force requirement in 1931 for a basic trainer aircraft. DWL (Doświadczalne Warsztaty Lotnicze) workshops produced aircraft for civilian use only.

I picked up this kit for a couple of reasons:

  • as my first experience with a kit from the Polish model manufacturer IBG models who specialize in a range of Polish subjects
  • it’s an interesting subject - strikes me as the kind of plane that Hergé would have loved to draw for a Tintin adventure (he didn’t, AFAIK)
  • my first attempt at painting a 1:72 scale plane with an airbrush

The Kit

I purchased the kit direct from IBG models. Very reasonable pricing, including shipping (Poland to Singapore).




  • 2 main sprues
  • 1 clear sprue
  • decal sheet - single option


Color/Part Recommended Paint Paint Used
scarlet (nose) 70.817 Vellejo Model Color 70.909 Vermillion
white grey (wings and rear fuselage) 70.993 Vellejo Model Color 70.907 Pale Grey Blue
black (prop and wheels) 70.950 Vellejo Model Color 70.950 Black
interior   70.843 Cork Brown
seat   70.941 Burnt Umber

Sealed with with Mr Hobby Flat Matt Topcoat.

I didn’t put any primer down first and learned to regret it - when removing masking tape for the “red swish” I managed to peel away big chunks of the base coat which hadn’t adhered well to the plastic.

Model Construction

The kit goes together very easily:

  • parts fit well with virtually no flash
  • quite simple - only 31 parts
  • exterior surfaces are reasonably detailed, but detail in the cockpit is quite limited

The kit could probably do with some after-market detail.

The only addition I’ve made is tail control wires with QW-Model Q04004 0.047mm rubber rigging.

I subsequently found some suitable photoetch - PART S72086 1/72 RWD-8 Siedlce - that adds mainly cockpit detail I am missing. I might just have to build another RWD-8.. IBG have at least 4 variants to choose from!




Final Thoughts

This is a great little plane that I’d never heard of before. It’s very nicely rendered by IBG Models - excellent mould quality. It’s are very simple kit but also very cheap, which is nice.

The only real negative was the decals - I found the carrier material seems not to be completely transparent; I’m seeing distinct yellow tint (at least from some angles). I don’t think that was my fault in application.

I’d like to try another kit from this company. Perhaps one of their other 1/72 subjects e.g. 1/72 PZL.42 that come with photo-etch, or their more detailed 1/32 planes and 1/35 vehicles. Or perhaps another RWD-8 from the 4 variants IBG have to choose from, along with after-market PE to detail the cockpit.

Credits and References

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