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Project Notes

#626 Blackburn Buccaneer S.2C

An excuse to build another sea base - this time for an aircraft - the RN Blackburn Buccaneer S.2C from Airfix in 1:72 scale, tooling around the North Sea at 30ft.



The Blackburn Buccaneer entered Royal Navy service in 1962 as a carrier-capable aircraft designed for low-level shipping attacks. It was later also used by the RAF as a nuclear-capable supersonic interdictor. It saw action in the first Gulf War of 1991 before being retired in 1994.

The Kit

The Blackburn Buccaneer S.2C Airfix No. A06021 1:72 kit is a relatively new tool (2019) and proved to be exceptionally well engineered. It is a great build.


Since the kit-supplied aircrew are identical and not pose-able, I picked up some replacements from PJ Productions. These are a little more detailed: Modern RAF seated in aircraft PJ Production No. 721118 1:72

Some Build Reviews

Harry Houdini Models:


Greg’s Models - building the S.2B (RAF) version:


Paint Scheme

OF the two schemes detailed in the kit, I chose: 809 NAS R-021/XV154 January 1972 Belize Overflight - HMS Ark Royal

Main colours used:

Colour Recommended Used Feature
Silver Humbrol 11   Exterior
Matt Black Humbrol 33   Exterior
Gun Metal Humbrol 53   Exterior
Matt Desert Yellow Humbrol 93 70.917 Beige Exterior
Satin Extra Dark Sea Grey Humbrol 123   Exterior
Satin US Ghost Grey Humbrol 127   Exterior
Dark Green BS381C 241 Humbrol 163 Humbrol 163 Exterior
Satin Light Grey Humbrol 196   wheel bays
Coal Black Humbrol 85 Humbrol 85 seat
Olive Drab Humbrol 155 70.887 US Olive Drab seat
Medium Sea Grey Humbrol 165 70.870 Medium Sea Grey cockpit interior
Light Aircraft Grey Humbrol 166 Humbrol 166 seat


Colour Recommended Used Feature
Flesh Humbrol 61 70.845 Sunny Skin Tone skin
Coal Black Humbrol 85   boots
Steel Grey Humbrol 87 70.973 Light Sea Grey breathing
Khaki Drab Humbrol 159 70.924 Russian Unf. WWII uniform

the build is a breeze - really well engineered. Doesn’t take long to get to priming. The kit is not explicitly designed for wheels-up/in-flight, but the modification is pretty straight-forward


the cockpit is reasonably well detailed out of the box


The kit does contain crew figures, but they are not pose-able and are identical. I got some replacements from PJ Productions.

build02a build02b

fitting the crew



testing the canopy


before final finishing

build02f build03a build03b build03c build03d build03e build03f


build05a build05b build05c build05d build05e build05f build05g build05h build05i

Credits and References

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