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Project Notes

#728 Hurricane MkI

No. 501 Squadron RAF over Dover in August 1940. Depicted with the Arma Hobby 1:72 kit and a Pit-Road 1:700 wingmen. No electronics in this one.



The Hurricane Mk.I was the first production version of the iconic fabric-covered aircraft.

The first few hundred had a wooden two-bladed, fixed-pitch propeller and 1,030 hp (770 kW) Rolls-Royce Merlin Mk.II engine. These were followed b the more common three blade two-pitch propeller and Merlin Mk.III engines.


The Arma Hobby 70019 kit offers 4 schemes:

  • Hurricane MkI , serial P3059, fuselage code SD-N from 501 Squadron RAF, August 1940. Aeroplane piloted, among others by Polish fighter pilot Sgt Antoni Głowacki
  • Hurricane MkI , serial V7234, SD-A from 501 Squadron RAF, August 1940. The most successful aeroplane of Sgt Antoni Głowacki. Credited with six shoots down and one damaged aircraft of the Luftwaffe. Glowacki has achieved five kills in one day (24 August 1940) and became the only „one day ace” in Battle of Britain select scheme
  • Hurricane MkI , serial R4175, fuselage code RF-R From 303 Polish/RAF Squadron, pilot Sgt Josef Frantisek has shot down seven of his seventeen kills during the Battle of Britain. Unfortunately, he was killed when accidentally crashed this aeroplane on the ground during patrol flight on 8th October 1940.
  • Hurricane MkI trop, serial 284, fuselage code „yellow J”, 3 Squadron SAAF, Kenia 1941. Pilot Lt. Robert Kershaw has rescued his shot down commander, Cpt. John Frost, after Diredawa (Ethiopia) air raid on 15 March 1941.

Paint Scheme

Feature Color Recommended Paint Used
A Interior Grey Green FS34226 HTK-A025/C025 H73
B Night Black FS37038 HTK-A041/C041 70.950 Black
C Gun metal FS17178+FS37038 HTK-A106 H76
D Matt Silver FS37178 HTK-A003/C003 H8, 70.997 Silver
E Sky type S FS34583 HTK-A026/C026 H74
F Dark Green FS34092 HTK-A016/C016 H64
G Dark Earth FS30118 HTK-A009/C009 H72 + drop of H6
H Insignia Red FS11136 HTK-A219/C219 70.909 Vermillion
prop tips Yellow   H4

RAF Schemes?

Color AK Hataka Mr Color Aqueous Vallejo Model Color
Interior grey-green AK-2018 HTK-A025 C025 H73  
Raf Sky AK-2015 HTK-A026 C026 H74 70.885 Pastel Green
Raf Dark Green AK-2011 HTK-A016 C016 H64/H330 70.894 Cam Olive Green RLM 80
Raf Dark Earth AK-2012 HTK-A009 C009 H72 + drop of H6 70.921 English Uniform


Build Log

build01a build01b build01c build01d build01e

build02a build02b build02c build02d build02e build02f

build03a build03b build03c build03d build03e


Final gallery:

build05a build05b build05c build05d build05e build05f build05g build05h build05i build05j build05k build05l

Some better(?) shots:

build06a build06b build06c build06d

Credits and References

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