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#581 PLA Navy Type 054A

Building the Trumpeter 1:700 PLAN 054A Frigate (no electronics - yet).



My first ship model in many decades. I wasn’t sure I had much of an attraction for modern warships until I actually started the build. I was quite intrigued by the modern PLA Navy, and once I started working on the model, I must admit the sleek lines had me suckered completely.

The Type 054A is a multi-role frigate with impressive air-defence and anti-submarine capabilities, and the class first entered service in 2005. The 黄山/Huangshan (570) I’ve modelled here is still in active service.

In retrospect, I think I chose the wrong scale. At 1:700, the Trumpeter kit has noticeable structural differences from photos I’ve seen of the ships, and there’s not much scope for even photo-etch to make up for missing detail.

It also turned out to be a bit too small to do anything particularly interesting with custom electronics. I’ve set my eye on some 1:350 subjects for Trumpeter to have another go.

Nevertheless, I’m now quite enamoured with this ship, and look forward to adding a few more PLA Navy subjects to the stash/display shelf.

The Kit

I got my kit from the Colorfulday Store on Aliexpress. All arrived in good order..



PLAN 054A Humbrol Tamiya Vallejo Model Color Paint Used
Tire Black - Z-9, KZ-27 helicopter tires   XF85 70.862 Black Grey  
Light Grey - Z-9, KZ-27 helicopter body 147 XF14 70.907 Pale Grey Blue  
Flat Black - funnel, chains, anchor 33 XF1 70.950 Black 70.950 Black
Medium Gunship Grey - deck 128 XF58 70.868 Dark Sea Green 70.868 Dark Sea Green
Grey - upper hull, superstructure 127 XF19 70.990 light grey 70.990 Light Grey
Hull Red - lower hull 177 XF9 70.985 Hull Red 70.985 Hull Red
Gold - propellors 16 X12 70.878 Old Gold 70.878 Old Gold


So it’s been a while. And I think my first mistake was assembling the desk and hull before painting the desk (I turned out to be a helluva challenge).

Primed and partially assembled:




Credits and References

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