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#609 JF-17

Buidling the JF-17 Thunder with the striking livery it sported during the 2007 Pakistan Day Joint Services Parade. No electronics in this one.



The JF-17 Thunder (جے ایف-17 گرج‎) is a very light-weight multi-role fighter jointly developed by the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex and the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation. It has been in service with Pakistan since 2007,

It flew during the 2007 Pakistan Day Joint Services Parade sporting a striking livery, melding the Chinese and Pakistani flags.

It was designed to replace the A-5C, F-7P/PG, Mirage III, and Mirage V combat aircraft in the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). Pakistan is still the major operator. Other operators include Myanmar, Nigeria with a number of other countries showing interest.

The Pakistani designation “JF-17” is short for “Joint Fighter-17”, while it is designated “Fighter China-1 (FC-1) Fierce Dragon” by China.

The Kit

This is the Trumpeter kit 01657: Chinese FC-1 Fierce Dragon (Pakistani JF-17 Thunder) 1:72. Trumpeter also have a few other versions:

I purchased this kit from World model Store on aliexpress in late 2020 but I notice prices have rising considerably in the meantime.




I’m following the drammatic green white and red display scheme. The kit provides painting and marking guide for Chinese and Pakistani operational schemes.

Feature Color Recommended Paint Used
Upper Fuselage Super Italian Red C158 70.909 Vermillion + ~10% 70.851 Bright Orange
Upper Fuselage Gloss White H1, C1, X2, Vallejo 70.842 70.951 White
Upper Fuselage Gloss Green H6, C6, X5, Vallejo 70.969 70.891 Intermediate Green
silver stuff;-) silver H8 C8 Vallejo 70.967 70.997 Silver
  steel H18 C28 Vallejo 70.864  
wheel wells blue grey H42 C72 Vallejo 70.903 70.992 Neutral Grey
jet nozzle burnt iron H76 C61 X10 Vallejo 70.863 60% Humbrol 53 + 40% 70.985 Hull Red
nav lights clear red H90 C47 X27 Vallejo 70.934  
nav lights clear green C138 X25 Vallejo 70.936  
cockpit interior, nose Medium Gray H306 C306, XF20, Vallejo 70.870 70.870 Medium Sea Grey
  Gray H307 C307, XF22  
  white insignia H316 C316, X2, Vallejo 70.991  
seat khaki green H80 70.924 Russian Unf. WWII



For a cheap & simple kit, the Trumpeter 1:72 FC-1/JF-17 is beautifully engineered with some nice cockpit detail


FC-1/JF-17 cockpit test fit


The striking promo scheme is what drew me to the FC-1/JF-17. Building up nicely. This is the shot before I attempt the insane decals!


Basically complete…


Credits and References

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