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Project Notes

#579 Jie Fang CA-30 Fuel Transporter

A simple build of the 解放 Jie Fang CA-30 Fuel Transporter 1:72 model 01104 from Trumpeter (no electronics - yet).



The Jiefang CA-30 is a military truck widely used by the PLA, based on the Soviet ZIL-157. It was produced between 1958 and 1986. It was manufactured by FAW Jie Fang 一汽解放汽车有限公司, based in Changchun, Jilin, China.

I picked up a kit (1:72 scale) of the fuel truck variant from Trumpeter for a few reasons:

  • as my first experience of a Trumpeter vehicle kit, to learn about the quality and features they offer
  • practice spray painting
  • investigate as a possible candidate for electrification and/or use in a diorama with a plane

The Kit

The Trumpeter Jie Fang CA-30 Fuel Truck 01104 is a simple 1:72 scale model. I purchased it from a seller on aliexpress

The kit contains:

  • 3 main sprues
  • 1 clear sprue for window parts. Some clear acrylic stamped (it appears) as alternative windows (I did not use this)
  • metal axles (allows the wheels to rotate in the final model)
  • decals

kit_box kit_parts

Model Construction

Construction is quite straight-forward. I left the cab, wheels and drive-train as separate components for painting.

Primed with Vallejo Surface Primer 70.601:



Part Recommended Used
misc metal features and chipping H8 or X11 Silver Humbrol 11
fire extinguisher H13 or XF7 flat red Vallejo 70.909 Vermillion
body H304, FS34087 olive drab Vallejo 70.891 Intermediate Green + ~30% 70.889 Olive Brown/USA Olive Drab
tires H77 tire black Vallejo 70.950 Black + chalk effects/weathering with 70.907 Pale Grey Blue

Initial spray (body is pure 70.889 Olive Brown at this point)


Final coat and some light chipping.


With decals and Mr Color Matt Topcoat:


Final Thoughts

On the kit:

  • very happy with the end result (especially after painting)
  • window parts are a bit thick and crude. I should have tested the fit before painting and final construction.
  • windshield wipers are fragile parts
  • glue behind the decals was a bit rough and overdone. Some decals required quite a soak to soften and remove the excess

Would/could I electrify this? Perhaps LED headlights and/or interior dome lighting. At this scale it is a bit small for RC conversion.

Credits and References

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