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#662 Tachikawa KKY-1

Building the rare Tachikawa KKY1 from Ukrainian model company Amodel. No electronics in this one.



The Tachikawa KKY was designed as a light ambulance aircraft. Only 21 were produced, and it was used in the Second Sino-Japanese War between 1936 and 1940.

The initial prototype and production machines as depicted in this kit were designated KKY or KKY-1. They are distinguished by the four cylinder air-cooled, inverted inline Cirrus Hermes IV engine. The British Cirrus-Hermes Engineering Company was formed in 1931, but taken over by Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Company in 1934.

The later KKY-2 variant switched to the 150 hp Gasuden Jimpu seven cylinder radial engine.

The Kit

According to scalemates, Amodel is the only manufacturer to have produced a model of the KKY.

Amodel is a Ukrainian model company. Their kits are distributed by IBG of Poland and available direct from IBG.



Paint Scheme

Feature Color Recommended Paint Used
A fuselage Light Grey humbrol 147 70.951 white with pre-shading 70.843 Cork Brown
B Black humbrol 33  
C exhaust Rust humbrol 113 Humbrol 56 + AK Light Rust wash
D Wood humbrol 110  
E Interior Green humbrol 158 70.893 US Dark Green
F Brown humbrol 186  
engine block   - Humbrol 53

Build Log

I initially primed in black and then sprayed white. The result was coming up too “cold”, so I subsequently gave it a light undercoat of cork brown before finishing in white.


The cockpit and canopy needed a lot of fettling to get a good fit. With this kit it is well worth taking the time before paint and glue to make sure the fit is true. Luckily I was warned of this by @tochi.nocchi.


As I was going to display the model in-flight, I needed at least a pilot. there are no figures in the kit, so I grabbed one from my misc spares box - I think an Airfix pilot.


The prop was an experiment using some 1:32 plywood texture decals from proper.plane to imitate a wood finish. I like the “impression” and it was easy, but perhaps doesn’t have the detail I’ve seen some get with good old brush and paints

build03a build03b

Whipping up a quick based with some scrap board and a rough surface sculpted from papier-mâché.


And we have take-off! The pose is inspired by the box art.

build04b build04c build04d build04e build04f build04g

With some prop blur;-)


Found a space on the bookshelf pending a proper home..


Credits and References

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