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Project Notes

#730 Electra And Express To the Rescue

HMS Electra (H27) and HMS Express (H61) race to protect HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse as a wave of G3M Nell torpedo bombers press their attack on 10 December 1941. No electronics in this one.



10 December 1941: Force Z is attacked in the South China Sea, sinking the Battleship HMS Prince of Wales and battlecruiser HMS Repulse.

At around 11:40, 17 Nell torpedo bombers (two squadrons from the Genzan Air Group) approached the two capital ships. Eight concentrated on Repulse, while nine attacked Prince of Wales, sending eight torpedoes speeding towards the flagship (one plane aborted its run on Prince of Wales and peeled off and attacked Repulse).[44] One Nell was shot down and three more were damaged by the Prince of Wales anti-aircraft fire during this attack.

The destroyers Electra and Vampire moved in to rescue survivors of Repulse, while Express rescued those from the Prince of Wales.

This scene depicts the destroyers HMS Electra (H27) and HMS Express (H61) racing to protect the capital ships as a wave of G3M Nell torpedo bombers press their attack.

NB: this continues my annual memorial-in-models of the fated expedition that once and for all proved the vulnerability of ships to air attack. I’ve previously built HMS Prince of Wales and HMAS Vampire and have HMS Repulse queued up for next year, completing the British task force for the 83rd anniversary.

Paint Scheme

Feature Color Recommended Paint Used
guns Gun Metal X-10 H18, 70.863 Gunmetal Grey
  Chrome Silver X-11  
lower hull, funnel top, mast Flat Black XF-1  
funnel band Flat White XF-2  
hull Light Sea Grey XF-25 H61
boats Flat Earth XF-52  
main deck Neutral Grey XF-53 H83
anchor chain Metallic Grey XF-56  

Photo-etch Customization

While the Tamiya kit is a reasonably well detailed, I think it needs some PE to bring it to life.

I’m using a photo-etch set from White Ensign Models (PE 766, 1:700) that caters for all ships in the E & F Destroyer Class.

The main benefit came from the railings. I left many parts unused because they were not well scaled or not a greta improvement over the kits parts.

Here are my notes on how the PE was applied:

PE Name Used
1 Standard 3-bar Railings
2 2-bar Platform Railings  
3 Close stanchion Railings  
4 Splinter Matting  
5 291 Radar Antenna add to G32
6 .5” Vickers Quad Gun Mounting replace G26 - only used base. Rest too big and not a great reproduction
7 Searchlight Lens Cross add to G13 - not used, too big for the part
8 Bridge Awning n/a
9 Forward Blast Shield Supports √ add to G21
10 Bridge Windshield add to G22
11 Aft Blast Shield Supports √ add to G9
12 27’ Whaler Oars  
13 27’ Whaler thwarts  
14 27’ Whaler rudders  
15 30’ Gig Thwarts  
16 30’ Gig Oars  
17 30’ Gig Rudder  
18 16’ Dinghy Oars  
19 16’ Dinghy Thwarts  
20 16’ Dinghy Rudder  
21 Boat Davits replace G1 - not used; not a great improvement over kit part
22 27’ Whaler Securing Straps  
23 30’ Gig Securing Straps  
24 Short Mainmast HMS Express H61 instead of G10
25 Short Mainmast Yardarm HMS Express H61 instead of G10
26 Vertical Ladder Stock  
27 Inclined Ladders  
28 HF/DF Antenna Array  
29 4.7” Gun Shields replace F9 - not used; not a great improvement over kit part
30 Anchors replace G2 - not used; not a great improvement over kit part
31 .5” Gun Platform Supports add to G18
32 Forward Funnel Cap Grille not used - kit part is fine
33 Aft Funnel Cap Grille not used - kit part is fine
34 Bridge Front DF Antenna add to G22?
35 Anchor Chain  
36 Rocket Flare Launch Rails add to F9?
37 Depth Charge Davits add near G9
38 Depth Charge Rail Frame  
39 Depth Charge Rail Plate  
40 TSDS Stern Gantry  
41 Stern GantryPlatform  
42 Wire Antenna Spreader HMS Express H61 instead of G10
43 Accommodation Ladder Rail 1 n/a
44 Accommodation Ladder Rail 2 n/a
45 Accommodation Ladder Steps n/a
46 Mainmast Tripod Poles add to G10 (HMS Electra H27)
47 Mainmast Yardarm add to G10 (HMS Electra H27)
48 Aft Funnel Sirens √ add to G7/8
49 Aft Funnel Siren Platform √ add to G7/8
50 Foremast Lower Yardarm add to G32
51 Foremast Upper Yardarm add to G32
52 Froward Carley Rafty Racks add to G24
53 Aft Carley Rafty Racks  


Feature Color Paint Used
lower fuselage Sky Blue H74
upper camo A Wood Brown H37
upper camo B IJA Green H60

Build Log

build01a build01b build01c build01d build01e build01f build01g build02a build02b build02c build03a build03b build03c build03d build03e build03f build04a build04b build04c build04d

build05a_tu build05c_tu build05d_tu build05e build05f_tu build06a build06b build06c build06d build06e_tu

Credits and References

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