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#661 Concorde

Last flight of the Concorde - the Airfix 1:114 with LED effects in 1970s travel-agent chic



To my mind, Concorde was the pinnacle of our quest to conquer the sky. Sure, I much prefer to travel on a modern Airbus, but it doesn’t have the same romance.

This is a simple build of the Airfix 1:144 Concorde Gift Set commemorating its retirement from service.

The kits is actually very simple build, and does show its age a bit (flashy, minimal details, some poor fit). But it achieves the most important thing - captures the wing geometry beautifully.

Paint Scheme

It’s white!

Although I had the “gift set” boxing with Humbrol paint cups, I didn’t use them.

The pain is mostly Mr Hobby Aqueous H1 gloss white, with some black detail with Vallejo 70.950 black.

Circuit Design

A simple LED circuit powered from a 12V adapter (because I had some spare 12V LED strip):

  • each engine has two 5mm Red LEDs in series with 560Ω.
  • the 12V LED strip mounted inside the passenger cabin




Build Log

Where did the pics go? Seems like I neglected to photo the early stages of the build.

Installing the LEDs in the engine pods..


Half a styrene ball forms the stylised globe - I’m going for a 1970’s travel agent chic feel.


All mounted…

build04a build04b build04c build04d

With power applied…

build05a build05b build05c build05d

The kit captures the wing geometry beautifully (for all its other faults).


I have it flying over my desk now;-)

build06a build06b

Credits and References

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