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Project Notes

#627 Vauxhall D-Type Ambulance

Building the wonderful little 1:72 Vauxhall D-Type Ambulance kit from Ukrainian manufacturer Roden. Dedicated to the memory of Valery Grygorenko. Valery created some of the most amazing box art for Roden but tragically he was killed in a Russian attack near his home in March 2022.



Pulled a Roden Models 1:72 Ambulance from the stash. I’ve heard some can’t bring themselves to build a Ukrainian kit right now because it feels trite and disrespectful, but this felt more like a contemplative prayer for Ukraine. My first Roden kit and it is a beauty.

It may be a niche concern, but among the ranks fighting for their freedom in Ukraine are some world-leading modelling companies, their staff, suppliers and local hobby stores. They are worth celebrating, which is why I love the very niche way that @chris.meddings created for us to show our support with in his “Models for Ukraine” campaign - find it here.

The Kit

The Vauxhall D-Type Ambulance is Roden kit #717. The have a few variants of the Vauxhall D-Type in other kits.

kit_717 kit_sprues

As I was finishing up the model, I heard the news that Valery Grygorenko was killed in a Russian attack near his home, as shared by Roden. Valery created some of the most amazing box art for Roden.

I can’t find words strong enough.. so instead I choose to celebrate Valery’s creative legacy. It will live on to inspire artists and modellers for generations to come who will remember him as one of the greats along with the likes of Airfix’s Roy Cross.


Paint Scheme

Ref Colour Recommended Paint Used Feature
A Deep Green 70.970 70.969 Park Green Flat + 70.897 Bronce Green main body
B Gold 70.996 70.996 grille and fittings
C Gloss Black 70.950 70.950 Black tyres; steering column; levers
D Rust 70.080   muffler
E Leather 70.818   seats
F Matt Neutral Wood 70.077   stretcher handles; steering wheel; bed base
G Steel 70.065   exhaust pipe; pedals; running board
H Silver 70.997    
I Dark Grey 70.994    
J Stone Grey 70.882 70.887 + 70.870 (2:1) canvas
      70.993 + 70.923 (10:1) stretcher canvas

The Build

Kit parts are excellently cast; very fine and crisp detail.


Primed for finishing.


Quick session in the spray booth..


build02a build02b build02c build02d build02e build02f VauxhallDTypeAmbulance_build

Credits and References

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