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Project Notes

#702 Austin Tilly 10HP

Buidling a fantastic little 1:72 Austin Tilly 10hp from ACE Models of Ukraine. No electronics in this one - just a quick weekend build.



The Austin Tilly 10hp was one of the cheap, mass-produced light utility vehicles that proved indispensable for a multitude of military tasks serving the British Army during the second world war.

This is one of the older kits from ACE Models of Ukraine. It has its challenges but was just the right kind of quick weekend project I was looking for. I thought I punched this out OK until I compared it to what Alex Clark achieved with the BTR-3E1 in 1:72 from ACE Models featured in Models for Ukraine Vol2. Of course that’s a much newer tooling (2015) with 3D CAD and improved injection molding technology. But even so.. Alex’s scratch additions to the turret and overall weathering are amazing.

Alex joined Alexey from ACE Models for an interview on Models from Ukraine podcast Episode 6. I went back to re-listen to the episode. Not only was it inspiring to hear how ACE continues to operate in wartime conditions, but Alex and Chris had a thought-provoking discussion on modelling current conflicts.

Paint Scheme

Main colours used:

Feature Color Paint Used
  primer Aqueous Black Surfacer 1000
Interior base Tan H27
Camo base Middle Stone H71
camo highlight Red Brown H47
  Dark Green H73

Build Log

build01a build01b build01c build01d

build02a build02b

build03a build03b build03c build03d build03e

Credits and References

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