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Project Notes

#593 25 Pounder Field Gun and Quad

Building the Airfix 1:76 scale 25 Pounder Field Gun and Quad A01305. No electronics in this one yet.



A quick out of the box build of a “vintage classic” Airfix kit - a nice “reboot” project after having my workbench in storage for the past 4 months. And also a reminder of how good the kits are these days! The tooling is older than me (1963) and I am interested in how it has stood the test of time.

I do have plans to motorize/animate the Quad, but I’ll probably come back to that when I have some more time to build a better base.

The Subjects

The Ordnance QF 25-pounder saw service throughout World War II with British and Commonwealth forces and it was generally thought to be one of the best field guns of the war.

For transportation, the gun attached to its limber and was towed by theMorris Commercial C8 FAT (Field Artillery Tractor), commonly known as a Quad. 32 rounds of ammunition were carried in the limbers.

The Kit

The Airfix 1:76 kit A01305 was tooled before I was born (1963). More recent releases (A01305V) have it in the “vintage classics” range.

Reviews point out some inaccuracies in the vehicle and gun, but the aside from some relatively minor fit and flash issues, the build is simple and straight-forward, and probably a better example of a kit of this vintage. Not quite the same can be said of the figures, as Plastic Soldier Review puts it:

..not a good example of the sculptors’ art … and show their age badly.


Paint Scheme

The schema on the box apparently represents a vehicle of the 6th Armoured Division in Italy:


Main paints used…

Feature Colour Humbrol Paint Used
uniform Khaki 26 70.879 Green Brown
camouflage Dark Earth 29 70.921 English Uniform
camouflage Dark Green 30 Humbrol 30
boots, wheels Black 33 Humbrol 33
skin Flesh 61 Vallejo 70.845 Sunny Skin Tone


Painting the driver and preparing the interior of the Quad:


Primed and ready. I’ve added some windshields - stupidly added one in the top hatch without thinking (to be punched out later!)


Base color:


Pretty happy with the figures from afar, but just don’t look too closely! My novice figure painting skills run aground on some 1:76 castings that leave a lot to be desired





Adding a simple display base. Maybe add some more detail to the base later..


Credits and References

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