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#260 SaleaeLogic

Checking out a second-hand Saleae Logic (a 24 MS/s, 8 channel USB logic analyzer - that works on a Mac!!).



I recently had a Saleae Logic fall into my hands - it’s an old model and was looking for a good home.

It is similar to the current range of products, but lower specs:

  • USB 2.0
  • 24 MS/s
  • 8 digital channels

I was a little curious, but didn’t expect much since it was a discontinued product, and I wasn’t even sure if I could find the right software to make it go.

While playing with the M62429 today, I thought “why not give the Logic a go”.

And I was very pleasantly surprised. Saleae have done a brilliant job of creating an excellent experience, and continuing to support their discontinued products.

I was up and running in about 30 seconds!

I think this device just went from being a curiosity to something I can see my self reaching for quite frequently.


This put a smile on my face … go to Saleae Downloads, and they have a good looking site that recognises me as a MacOSX user and offers to download Version 1.2.10 for Mac OSX 10.7 Lion+. If only more electronics equipment manufactururs would come to the multi-platform party!

The software installed like a “real” Mac app, and immediately recognised the old Logic when I plugged it into the USB. Here’s my first trace. Unfortunately not a standard I²C or SPI protocol so I’m not sure how well the protocol recognition/analysis works yet.


The USB device profile as it shows up on my machine:


  Product ID: 0x3881
  Vendor ID:  0x0925
  Version:  0.00
  Speed:  Up to 480 Mb/sec
  Manufacturer: Saleae LLC
  Location ID:  0x14520000 / 23
  Current Available (mA): 500
  Current Required (mA):  100


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