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#513 Simple USB Dummy Load

Examining and testing a simple USB resistive dummy load.



I’ve seen a few people on YouTube using a simple USB dummy load for battery testing - like this one from an aliexpress seller. I picked one up to take a closer look.


These really are at the dumb end of the dummy load spectrum. For example:

  • no over temp control
  • no over-discharge protection
  • no voltage/current/power measurement

Probably a very bad idea to use these for battery discharge tests unless closely monitored. But fine when a simple resistive load is needed for crude bench tests. But if nothing else, a pretty cheap way of sourcing some nice retro 10W resistors!


The circuit is pretty straight-forward - two 10W resistors that can be switched in separately or on parallel, for three load settings, plus ‘off’ (both resistors switched out).

With a 5V USB supply, expected current and power loads are as follows:

Resistance Current Power
R1 (4.7Ω) 1.06A 5.32W
R2 (2.2Ω) 2.27A 11.4W
R1‖R2 (4.7Ω‖2.2Ω) 3.34A 16.7W

Three LEDs indicate the current operating state:

LED Description
LED1 ON when 4.7Ω resistor load enabled
LED2 ON when 2.2Ω resistor load enabled
LED3 ON when USB power present

My quick re-drawing of the circuit:



Here’s an example under test, with R1 (4.7Ω) switched inline. The current draw and power are close to expected i.e. the resistance value is in spec!


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