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#620 Glowing Star SMD Practice Board

Testing the Five-Pointed Star SMD Practice Board with LM358 oscillator LED effects.


Here’s a quick demo..



I’ve seen this Five-Pointed Star Breathing Light DIY Kit around for some time, and finalled shelled out a $1 or so to try one out.

It’s maybe a change from the typical 4017+555 circuits used in these SMD soldering kits!

It is quite a nice little practice board for SMD soldering - or perhaps you are just after a twinkling star!



Item Ref Qty
22Ω R5 1
33kΩ R6 1
47kΩ R1,2,4 3
100kΩ R3 1
47µF C1 1
LM358 U1 1
8050-J3Y Q1 1
0805 LED LED1-20 20
power wires   2
PCB   1




The circuit is a simple OpAmp triangle-wave oscillator using a high-side NPN transistor to drive the LED array.




The Q1 base voltage over time - showing the triangle wave:



Haven’t done any hot air work for a while. Thought I’d do that rather than hand-solder. All good…

build_front build_rear

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