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Project Notes

#233 PWM/GeneralPurposeHighSideController

Build and test a general-purpose high-side PWM controller



This circuit cobines a variable-duty cycle PWM generator with a high-side p-channel MOSFET driver circuit, making it suitable for controlling loads up to 15V/23A.

PWM Generator

The PWM signal is generated with a modified 555 Timer astable oscillator.

Steering diodes are used to isolate the 100kΩ pot so that it primarily adjusts duty cycle with little change to the frequency.

A switch allows selection of 1nF & 10nF capacitors, selecting a base PWM frequency of:

  • 10nF - 1.25kHz
  • 1nF - 12.6kHz

High-side Driver

The PWM output switches an n-channel MOSFET which in turn controls the high-side p-channel Power MOSFET.

The shunt resistor R4 limits the bypass current when the n-channel MOSFET is on. At 1kΩ, it wastes up to 15mA (at 15V) but in return allows fast switching of the Power FET. A higher value of R4 (10kΩ, 100kΩ) saves power, but switching time is affected.

A pair of capacitors (220µF, 100nF) provide some smoothing of the power supply to the Power FET and decouple the PWM and FET loads.

Performance - 10kΩ Resistive Load at 1.25kHz PWM

At 50% duty cycle:


At minimum duty cycle (~1.25%):


At maximum duty cycle, the output approaches 99.9% fully on.

Performance - 10kΩ Resistive Load at 12.6kHz PWM

At 50% duty cycle:


At minimum duty cycle (~1.25%):


At maximum duty cycle, the output approaches 100% fully on.



The Schematic


Protoboard/boxed construction:





Credits and References

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