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Project Notes

#060 5V Breadboard Regulator

An LM7805 5V regulated power supply on breadboard-compatible protobboard.



See LM7805 5V Regulated Supply for a more detailed investigation of the 7805 voltage regulator.

The LM7805 provides regulated 5V, ideal when current requirements are moderate (up to 1A with heatsink).

This project puts a 5V regulated supply on a protoboard that is designed to plug into a standard breadboard with power rails.

It includes high and low frequency smoothing capacitors, and a master power switch and LED power indicator.

The LED indicator is provided on the regulated supply-side. The 3mm green LED has a forward voltage drop of about 2.2V, so a 1kΩ current-limiting resistor was selected to keep current draw approx 2.8mA.

Given that commercial units can be obtained for as low as 0.80USD (with free shipping!), I’m not sure if I saved any money. But it is more satisfying this way;-)




Sketching a protoboard layout that would work:

Protoboard layout Build

Testing - within a few mV of 5V as expected:


Credits and References

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