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Project Notes

#392 whiteboard

Building the Whiteboard - Boldport Club project #22 - a breadboard enhancer featuring power supply and prototyping areas.


Here’s a quick demo running a CD4060 ripple counter on the breadboard..



The whiteboard is a neat little “breadboard enhancer”. It includes:

  • a prototyping shroud for a mini breadboard, including 4 LEDs and various pads for other components and connections
  • a variable power supply unit, based on the LM317
  • a CR2032 coin cell power supply unit
  • a 6-pin DIP adapter for 3 x 0805/1206 SMD components (e.g. LEDs, diodes or passives) or 2 x SOT23 SMD components (e.g. transistors/FETs)

Kit Components

The project includes the following components

Qty Component
1x 170-point breadboard, Pro-Signal PSG-BB-170W
1x Adjustable regulator, TI LM317KCS
1x 2032 battery holder, Multicomp BC-2001
1x 6-way socket, TruConnect DS1023-1*6 S01
1x 5-way header, Multicomp MC34739
1x 2.1mm power socket, TruConnect, 20-0970
1x 2KΩ trimmer, TE Connectivity 416XA202P
1x Resettable 100mA fuse, Multicomp MC33169
2x 10µF electrolytic capacitors, Multicomp MCMR35V106M4X7
1x 100nF ceramic capacitor , Suntan TS15001E104MSBFBOR
3x 1A diode, Diodes 1N4001-T
4x 3mm white LEDs, Valcon VDIFFLED-3MM-W
1x 220Ω resistor, Multicomp MCF 0.25W 220R


Also included is a sheet of StickerCAD icons. I used them on my laptop case - including a rebus if you look carefully;-)



I’ve yet to decide what component(s) I’ll put on the DIP adapter. But power supply boards are complete and working perfectly.


As a quick demonstration and test, I put a simple 4-stage CD4060 ripple counter running at a base frequency of around 10 Hz. on the breadboard, with outputs driving the LEDs on the shroud (essentially a 4-digit binary counter).




Credits and References

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