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#307 TheMatrix/KeypadControl

Use a 20-button keypad to write a scrolling message on the Boldport Matrix.

Here’s a quick video showing it in action..



So… ways to get arbitrary messages onto the Boldport Matrix?

I happen to have a KeyboardMatrixModule that is coincidentally 5 keys high by 4 wide .. a number that neatly fits into the 24x5 display port of the Matrix.

So I’ve wired it up and enabled a couple of commands in the KeypadControl.ino sketch:

  • pressing any single button toggles the state of the corresponding LED
  • at first, it is operating on the left-most 4 columns of LEDs
  • pressing S3+S4 together shift the working window 4 LEDs right
  • pressing S1+S2 together shift the working window 4 LEDs left
  • pressing S2+S3 together toggle the message scrolling..

Interesting … but not very practical! Maybe good for a gadget that you can let random bystanders fiddle with your matrix display..

I had a problem getting the scrolling to stop started, but a little help from the BoldportClub Community on Slack goes a long way! Problem sorted: it seems you must let the movie finish by switching it out of infinite loop first e.g.:


A recent update to the LuckyResistor/LRAS1130 library (v0.9.5) fixed some issues with LED brightness control. Now everything is looking so much brighter!






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