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Project Notes

#284 TheGent

The Gent is Boldport Club Project #10 - a simple circuit on a beautiful board



Unboxing and Parts

Ref Item Count
S1 DPDT slide switch, C&K JS202011SCQN x1
D1 5mm phototransistor, Kingbright PT333-3C x1
L1,3,5 Green 5mm LED, Kingbright L-9294CGCK x3
L2,4 Orange 5mm LED, Kingbright L-9294SECK x2
  CR2032 battery clip, Multicomp BC-2001 x1
Q1 N-channel MOSFET, Fairchild 2N7000 x1
R1-8 390Ω through-hole resistor, Multicomp MCF 0.25W 10K x8
R9 820Ω through-hole resistor, Multicomp MF25 820R x1
R10 10KΩ through-hole resistor, Multicomp MF25 390R x1


The five clear LEDs are actually two colours: a perfect time to whip out the LIGEMDIO project for some LED testing:


Phototransistor Connections

Note that the PT333-3C Phototransistor uses a familiar 5mm LED packaging, but the collector/emitter pins are the reverse of what you might intuit. The short leg and flat edge are actually the collector and is connected to the positive supply side.


Completed Build






Credits and References

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