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#311 Juice

Building the Boldport Juice battery replacement kit (Project #12).



Juice is a battery replacement kit that uses a pretty nifty set of AA, AAA, A23 and CR2032 inserts to inject the required regulated power where a battery or two would normally be required.

Power can be supplied via the micro USB connector, or any other power supply that can be clipped or screwed on to the body of the Juice.

All the structural parts punch out from the classy PCB like a model plane kit;-) The box folds up and doubles as a “Juice box”.





Regulating the Supply

The core of the kit is the ST LDF regulator, which has a very low-dropout voltage (500 mV max. at 1 A load).

Resistor networks and the “chooser” plug allow switching between 1.5, 3V, 4.5V or an adjustable output.


Ref Description Qty
IC1 Adjustable LDO regulator, ST LDFPT-TR 1x
VR1 20KΩ trimmer, Bourns TC33X-2-203E 1x
R1,3 1KΩ resistor, Multicomp MF25 1K 2x
R2 3.3KΩ resistor, Multicomp MF25 3K3 1x
R4 5.6KΩ resistor, Multicomp MF25 5K6 1x
R5,6 1.2KΩ resistor, Multicomp MF25 1K2 2x
C1,2 2.2µF ceramic capacitor, Multicomp MCMLR50V225MY5V 2x
C3 10µF electrolytic capacitor, Multicomp MCMR35V106M4X7 1x
LED1 Orange LED, Kingbright L-9294SECK 1x
  Micro USB connector, Multicomp MC001009 1x
  6 contacts long pin header, Samtec TSW-106-22-T-S 1x
  3 contacts 2.54 mm SMD header, Samtec TSM-103-01-T-SH 1x





Juice_build_front Juice_build_rear

The SS Juice with CR2032 adapter:


The SS Juice with A-series battery adapters.


Note the jumper to allow multiple batteries to be replaced in series. Here’s the Juice replacing a 2xAA battery holder:


Credits and References

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