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Project Notes

#369 Ananas

Building the tropical end-of-year present from Boldport Club, Project #20 - ananas!


Here’s a quick demo .. (with special customisation)



Project #20 is the first designed by Ben, the new Boldporter. And it’s a beauty!

As is often the case, a small but interesting circuit is at the core of a beautiful design. The circuit is essentially four repetitions of an RC phase-shift oscillator.

Like other projects such as the famous Cordwood series, the design employs multi-board symmetry and 3D construction.

Unboxing and Parts

Boldport packaging and design just goes from strength to strength. What a beautiful kit!

Qty Item
12x NPN bipolar transistors, OnSemi BC547CTFR
12x 5mm clear lens yellow LEDs, Everlight 333-2UYC/S530-A3
12x Electrolytic Capacitors, Multicomp MCUMR6V3107M5X5
24x 3.3KΩ resistors, Multicomp MF12 3k3
7cm of 20AWG wire




Details of the circuit are available from the ananas product page, but here’s my transcription (I tend to do this just to ensure I understand the circuit properly).



Testing the circuit on a breadboard:


the finished build:


A Chirping/Beeping Customisation

.. just because;-)

A simple little piezo chirp circuit embedded in the pineapple..



Building the chirp module..


The finished chirp module.. shades of Empire Strikes Back?


Installed in the ananas:


Credits and References

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