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Project Notes

#292 H823 Audio Effects Chip

Figuring out how to use the H823 “Happy Birthday” music chip.



The H823 chip arrived in this CD4060 Dream Music Light DIY Kit and so far I have been unable to find a source for the H823 chip alone, or indeed anything approximating a datasheet.

Which of course is not unusual for these potted music chips! Figuring them out is half the fun;-)


Usage and Schematic

This is one of the simpler chips to control. At a minimum it just requires three connections:

  • VCC: I’m using 5V, unsure yet what its upper and lower limits are.
  • GND: gound
  • OUT: signal out

The signal OUT can be used to directly drive the base of a low-side NPN control of a speaker or piezo buzzer.

There is one further connection on the chip board: after some experimentation, it appears this is a volume control. Attaching a potentiometer of around 5kΩ (through to ground) allows a full range volume control (from silent to maximum volume).


Test Board

I laid out a simple circuit on protoboard (without the volume control circuit). I’m using a salvaged speaker which provides a reasonable clear output - certainly far better than the piezo buzzer often seen used with these chips in kits.



Credits and References

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