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#210 TDA7297 Audio Amp Kit

Testing a TDA7297 audio amplifier kit (Pump Up the Jam)



This is a super cheap amplifier kit built around the TDA7297 15+15W dual bridge amplifier chip. All the other parts in the kit are essentially the basic supporting components for the TDA7297.

Performance is very good, although my impromptu speaker boxes don’t do it justice. They need better baffles at least, but I can hardly blame Straits Preserves for not making marmalade boxes to the specification of speaker enclosures!


The circuit is very close to the examples in the datasheet app notes, using the “Stand-alone Low-cost Application” method of managing standby and mute inputs. The TDA7297 is a very easy ship to work with.


The Schematic


The Build

Credits and References

About LEAP#210 Audio
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