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Project Notes

#104 Ruby Guitar Amp

A version of the runoffgroove Ruby LM386 guitar amp.


The Ruby amp is similar to the LittleGem, however it introduces a JFET buffer on the input and discrete volume and gain controls.

The build here is based on the runoffgroove schematic, but with a few variations:

  • adds a coupling capacitor on the input
  • J201 n-channel JFET instead of the original MPF102



NB: in the schematic below, the FET symbol is not quite correct (shows n-channel MOSFET instead of JFET)

The Schematic

Breadboard Build

Running the amp on a breadboard is possible, but noise and interferance can be a real problem. So performace on a breadboard is not a very good indicator of actual performance if you build the circuit on a PCB.

The Build

Prototype Build

Running on a protoboard. Works really well! I need to find some pots to replace the trimmers then I can mount it properly.

Here’s the layout I used:

The Schematic

The Schematic

The Schematic

Credits and References

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