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#717 Ukrainian Su-24M Fencer

Building the Armory 1:144 representation of the Ukrainian Su-24M Fencer. No electronics in this one.


Here’s a quick demo..



Ukrainian Su-24M Fencer on an ultra low-level raid. Inspired by Taras on TikTok!

This is an amazing 1:144 kit from Armory Model Group of Ukraine, displayed with one of my favourite techniques for planes: picture frame in-flight😎🪁

I think my first introduction to Armory was picking my jaw off the floor looking at the Fairey Flycatcher build by Piotr SŁomiński in Models for Ukraine Vol 1. Taras Karabyn and Ilya Sobolev told the Armory story on Episode 3 of the Models From Ukraine podcast hosted by @chris.meddings


Sukhoj Su-24M Fencer

Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer is a supersonic, all-weather tactical bomber developed in the Soviet Union, entering full production in 1967.

The Ukrainian Air Force inherited all of its Su-24s from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Although an aging machine, Ukrainian Su-24s are possibly being used as launch platforms for the latest Storm Shadow air-launched cruise missiles.


Air Force shares video of Su-24M attack aircraft striking invaders:


Paint Scheme

Main colors used:

Feature Color Recommended Paint Used
  primer   Mr Surfacer Black 1000
cockpit interior     H325
A upper fuselage light gull grey Humbrol 129 H325
B lower fuselage neutral grey Humbrol 176 H82
C nose mouse grey Humbrol 246 H69

Circuit Design

I need pilots for in-flight.. a quick carving job!


meet the chuckle brothers


trust us, we can fly this thing!


not much to mask

build02a build02b build02c build02d build02e build02f build02g

the pixel camo decals apply without any real trouble


Ukrainian Su-24M Fencer on an ultra low-level raid. Inspired by Taras on TikTok!

build03a build03b build03c build03d

Credits and References

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