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Project Notes

#611 “That is not a toy, my boy!”

A somewhat unconventional diorama featuring an Airfix 1:35 M7 Priest, some MasterBox figures and a bonsai tree!



I’ve never been particularly interested in armor as a modelling subject per se, I have been mesmerized by the quality and range of techniques used these days for weathering and featuring armor in dioramas.

So when I won the Airfix M7 Priest kit in a contest last year, I got this idea of featuring it as a an abandoned and derelict wreck, with a young boy scrambling over it while his sister looks on. And we see the father approach and bark a stern “Get down right now. That is not a toy, my boy!”

This is how far I’ve got so far…

Airfix M7 Priest Kit

The Airfix A1368 1:35 M7 Priest is an Academy reboxing



the kit has decals and paint callouts for two schemes :

  • A - Howitzer Motor Carriage M7 Priest C Battery, 78th Field Artillery Battalion, 2nd Armoured Division, US 7th Army, Germany 1945.
  • B - Howitzer Motor Carriage M7 Priest A Troop, 22nd Battery, 24th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, Italy 1944.

I’m going with the Royal Artillery.



I spent a while trying to find suitable figures. I eventually settled on a set from Master Box: Civilians Western Region, WWII era MB3567

I’m using three of the figures from the kit.

Adjusting some poses and attempting to youthify the “child” from a Master Box WW2 civilians set


First pass painting these 1:35 MasterBox figures. Still trying to knock another few years off the “child”, but pretty happy how they are turning out


Diorama Construction

Building the base


build02b build02c build03a build04a build05a build05b build05c

Credits and References

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