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Project Notes

#655 HMS Revenge

HMS Revenge heading out from Faslane on patrol - an attempt at capturing the distinctive wake of a sub cruising on the surface. Dragon 1:700 kit.



I picked up this fairly old Dragon 1:700 kit No. 7007 for SG$10 at a charity sale. I has full-hull models of HMS Revenge and also Soviet Victor III submarines and a couple of helicopters.

The models are pretty simplistic with not a lot of detail - but for my purposes fine. And they are submarines anyway - basically long tubes;-)

I’m just using the HMS Revenge in this build. It is basically a study of how to depict the classic image of a modern submarine cruising on the surface.

Insipration comes from shots such as this - HMS Revenge leaving Faslane:


The Subject

HMS Revenge (S27) is a Resolution-class ballistic missile submarine that was operated by the Royal Navy from 1969 to 1992.

Resolution-class submarines were powered by a Vickers/Rolls-Royce PWR1 pressurised-water nuclear reactor and armed with up to 16 UGM-27 Polaris A-3 nuclear missiles.

Build Log

NB: No pictures of building and priming the sub as not much to see!

After building and priming the sub, I attacked a block of high-density foam with a DIY foam cutter to settle the sub in the water.


Used the standard foil, paper and mod-podge technique for creating the sea surface and wake.


Masked the sub for completing the water in-situ:


I built up the water with layers of gloss mod-podge and airbrushed colouring.


Wake was built up with cotton wool, touched up with Vallejo Model Color white. Wash and wave tops are highlited with some Deluxe Scenic Snow


A made a simple bass wood frame for display..






Credits and References

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