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Project Notes

#685 Mozzie Bite!

A little 1:700 diorama in an epoxy resin paper-weight featuring Pit-Road Mosquito and Tiger I models (no electronics).


Here’s a quick demo..



De Havilland DH 98 Mosquito from the WWII Royal Air Force Wings Set 1 Pit-Road No. S32 1:700.

Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I from the WWII German Military Vehicle Set 1 Pit-Road No. MI02 1:700.

Paint Scheme


Feature Color Recommended Paint Used
upper camo DARK GREEN BS641 C361 Humbrol 163
upper camo OCEAN GRAY C362 Humbrol 106
lower MEDIUM SEA GRAY BS637 C363 70.870 Medium Sea Grey
guns STEEL C28 Humbrol 53

Tiger I

Feature Color Recommended Paint Used
seats and trim Flat Black H12/C33 Humbrol 33
tires and tracks Steel H18/C28 Humbrol 53
Europe Camo Field Grey H32/C40 70.992 Neutral Grey + 70.994 Dark Grey (~ 4:1)

Build Log

I’ve selected a Mosquito and Tiger I from the beautifully moulded Pit-road 1:700 kits S32 and MI02


The Tiger is presented on a small scrap of turf (PVA base) with an explosive cloud

build01b build01c

Painted and decalled ready for the resin


The diorama is set in Crystal Clear epoxy resin using a 6.5cm cube silicone mold.

Holding the Mosquito in place for the CA glue to set it in position for the next resin pour


I used the multiple resin pour technique: 1 for the base, 1 for the Tiger, and 1 for the Mosquito


Popped from the mould after 48hrs to cure


Carve and polish the meniscus away


Mozzie Bite! Having fun making little dioramas in resin: Pit-Road 1:700 Mosquito and Tiger I

build03a build03b build03c build03d build03e build03f

Credits and References

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