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#648 P-40B Flying Tiger in 1:72

Building the most excellent Airfix P-40B H81-A2 1:72 in Flying Tigers livery.

No electronics in this one.



The Hawk 81A-2 is an export version of the P-40B, with 110 aircraft produced for the RAF as Tomahawk Mk.IIs and Mk.IIAs. Apparently some ended up with the Flying Tigers in Kunming, China.

The aircraft depicted in this Airfix A01003 1:72 kit was flown by Flight Leader Charles H. Older, Third Squadron, American Volunteer Group, Kunming, China, 1942.

It sports the roundels of the Republic of China, and a “Flying Tiger” insignia that was created by the Walt Disney Company.

Paint Scheme

To the extent I kept track of this…

Feature Color Recommended Paint Used
cockpit Pale Yellow Humbrol 81 Vallejo 70.824 German Camo Orange Ochre
prop tips Matt Trainer Yellow Humbrol 24 70.952 Lemon Yellow
lower fuselage Matt Camouflage Grey (approx DuPont 71-021) Humbrol 28 70.986 Deck Tan + 70.993 white grey ~4:1
  Matt Black Humbrol 33  
upper camo Matt US Dark Green (approx DuPont 71-013) Humbrol 116 70.893 US Dark Green
upper camo Matt US Light Earth (approx DuPont 71-009) Humbrol 119 70.921 English Uniform w/ 70.824 German Camo Orange Ochre ~ 3:1

Build Log

I love the way Airfix designed the cockpit to be built up on the wing, with the fuselage fitting neatly over the top.


I seem to have not taken any more WIP shots. So straight from painting and decaling:





With an antenna aerial rigged:



Although just simple decals, the cockpit dashboard is nicely visible through the canopy


It does look quite menacing if you need to stare it down!


The Airfix 1/72 Flying Tigers P-40B joins its little brother - AFVClub 1/144.


Credits and References

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