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Project Notes

#742 Morane Saulnier MS.230

Building the Dora Wings Morane Saulnier MS.230 for the 2024 Models for Heroes 48x48 group build.



The Morane-Saulnier MS.230 aircraft was the main elementary trainer for the French Armée de l’Air throughout the 1930s. It saw service with military flight schools throughout France and was exported to the air forces of numerous other countries.

This kit from Dora Wings includes markings forits use by the Spanish Republican Air Force.


Paint Scheme

Morane-Saulnier M.S.230 Spanish Republican Airforce Cuatro Vientos / Museo del Aire, 2009

Feature Color Recommended Paint Used
A Black C33/H12 H12
B interiorm wheel hubs, prop nut Silver C8/H8 H8
C Aluminium MC218  
D Gun Metal C78/H28 H18
E tires Rubber Black C137/H77  
F Tan C44/H27 Vallejo MC mixed
I Burnt Iron C61/H76 H76
P Khaki Francais H80:H11 70:30 H320
W Wood C43/H37 Vallejo MC mixed
O White C62/H11 H11
R Blue C34/H25  
propeller     H17
inlet manifold     SM205
tail insignia yellow   H4
tail insignia red   H13
tail insignia purple   H13 + H25 + H11
fuselage stainless   MC213

I had a pause to think whether I could spray my markings with Aqueous over Super Metallic, or if I should reverse the order. But according to MR.COLOR SUPER METALLIC 2

★ AQUEOUS HOBBY COLOR and ACRYSION can be applied over a coat of Mr. COLOR. ★ Mr. COLOR cannot be applied over a coat of AQUEOUS HOBBY COLOR and ACRYSION.

Build Log

the starting point..

build01a build01b

I tried detailing the cockpit purely with acrylics of a silver base with the cockpit already constructed. Was pretty efficient, but some of the paint finishes were difficulat to achieve given the space constraints

build02a build02b build02c build02d

the motor took most of a day to put together and paint

build02e build03a build03b build03c build03d build03e build04a build04b build05a build05b build05c build05d build05e build06a build06b build06c build06d build06e

Credits and References

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