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Project Notes

#711 JSDF F-4EJ Last Phantom

Building the 2019 commemorative scheme of the JASDF F-4EJ Kai Phantom II - a beautiful little Platz 1:144 kit. No electronics in this one.



The Japanese Phantom story started in 1968 with the order of 140 F-4Es all weather air defense fighters. They were designated F-4EJ to identify the Japanese modification.

On 17 March 2021, the Mitsubishi F-4EJ Phantom II was finally retired after 50 years of service with the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF). It is being replaced by the F-35A.

In 2019, when the 302 Hikotai ceased Phantom operations, 07-8428 (white) and 77-8399 (black) were painted in special colors for the occasion.


The Kit

This was one of my finds at Leonardo LG レオナルドLG in Tokyo last year. How could I resist this commemorative marking scheme? Also my first Platz kit in 1:144; the quality and detail is impresive.

I since discovered that Platz also released a kit of the Black scheme - I will have to look out for this!


Paint Scheme

Feature Color Recommended Paint Used
A white C1 H1
B black C2 H12
C silver C8 H8
D duck egg green C26  
E steel C28 H18
F flat black C33 H12
G clear red C47  
H clear blue C50  
I seat, uniform khaki green C54 70.924 Russian Unf. WWII
J burnt iron C61 H76
K grey FS36231 C317 H325

Build Log

build01a build01b build01c build01d build01e build01f build02a build02b build02c build02d build03a build03b build03c build03d build03e build03f

Revealing the trick of the in-flight pose:


Credits and References

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