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Project Notes

#703 Mitsubishi A6M Zero on the Zuikaku

Building the amazing little Sweet 1:144 kit of the Zero with Flight Deck.



The Mitsubishi A6M Zero was a long-range carrier-based fighter aircraft.

I picked up this kit for only ¥640 at LeonardoレオナルドLG 2, mainly because I was keen to try as I’d heard really good things about Sweet kits. And oh my, it is a nice little kit. The detail is very impressive for the scale, despite this being one of their older kits.

Paint Scheme

Feature Color Paint Used
  primer Aqueous Black Surfacer 1000
fuselage flat black H12
fuselage IJA Gray Green C128
prop, detail silver H8
deck tan H27
lift grey H22 + H104 4:1

Build Log

build01a build01b build01c build01d

build02a build02b build02c build02d

Credits and References

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