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Project Notes

#645 Tachikawa Ki-55

Building a SG$5 bargain Fujimi 1:72 kit of the Tachikawa Ki-55 Type 99 Advanced Trainer.

No electronics in this one.



The Tachikawa Ki-55 ‘Ida’ was put into production in 1939 as the Tachikawa Army Type 99 Advanced Trainer (キ55九九式高等练习机 - Ki-55 Type 99 Advanced Trainer). By the time production ended in December 1943, 1078 had been built by Tachikawa and 311 by Kawasaki

The Kit

This was a $5 bargain basement find at the 2022 Kits for Kids charity event. Just a bag of parts, and a yellowed set of instructions and decals.

It is a Fujimi kit tooled in 1983.


The decals were pretty ancient and I wasn’t sure if they would be usable. Turns out the answer was “just”.


Paint Scheme

The main paints used:

Feature Color Recommended Paint Used
cockpit interior Navy Blue H-54 70.899 Dark Prussian Blue
cowling, wheel shrouds Cocoa Brown H-17 70.872 Chocolate Brown
fuselage Orange Yellow H-24 + H-3 H-14 with matt yellow undercoat
prop Silver H-8 77.701 Aluminium

The Build

There’s not much cockpit detail, but I was surprised how easily the dashboard pops with just a little paint.


Assembly is straight-forward and fit is much better than I would expect from a kit of this age.


A nice weekender;-)


I was prepared to have to mask/paint the relatively simple markings, but the original kits decals just managed to do the trick.


The final gallery shots - no special finishing or base for this one (yet).

build03a build03b build03c build03d build03e

Credits and References

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