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#727 Nakajima Ki43-II

Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa (隼), doing what peregrine falcons do best. the Hasegawa 1:72 kit paired with a Pit-Road B-17, pictures somewhere over New Guinea in 1943.



The Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa (隼, “Peregrine falcon”), formal Japanese designation Army Type 1 Fighter (一式戦闘機, Ichi-shiki sentōki)

Kamikaze or Miscalculation - Mid-air Collision between Hayabusa and Flying Fortress Pacific Adversaries Volume 1 p35

Paint Scheme

Feature Color Recommended Paint Used
interior Nakajima Interior Green H70 90% H80 10% C127
cowling interior, instrument panels and fittings matt black H12  
prop shaft, pito tube   H8  
engine   H18  
exhaust   H76  
propeller   H47  
upper cabin   H12 60% : H5 40%  
fuselage base color   H8  
fuselage camo IJA Green H60  

Paint Scheme - Figures

Japanese Navy Airmen Set Hasegawa No. X72-16 1:72

Feature Color Recommended Paint Used
goggle frames Silver C8/H8  
goggle frames (alt) Copper C10/H10  
goggle straps Sandy Brown C19/H66  
webbing/life jacket Dark Earth C22/H72 70.921 English Uniform
  Flat Base C30/H40  
helmet Red Brown C41/H47  
  Mahogany C42/H84 70.846 Mahogany Brown
helmet inner Tan C44/H27  
  Flesh C51/H44  
scarf Flat White C62/H11  
boots Semi gloss black C92  
  Mitsubishi Cockpit Color C126  
flight suit and gloves   C22/H72 (70%) + C42/H84 (30%)  

Paint Scheme - B-17

Feature Color Recommended Paint Used
main camo Olive Drab C12/H52 H52
lower fuselage Neutral Gray C13/H53 H57

Build Log

build01a build01b build02a build02b build02c build02d build02e

build03a build03b build03c build03d build03e build03f

build04a build04b

build05a build05b build05c

build06a build06b build06c build06d build06e build06f

Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa (隼), doing what peregrine falcons do best - swooping down for a kill. In this case, hunting a B-17 somewhere over New Guinea in 1943.

The Ki-43 initially enjoyed air superiority in the region and is well represented in the brilliant histories by Michael Claringbould/Avonmore Books.

The scene here is made with the Hasegawa 1:72 Nakajima Ki-43-II, with the pilot “transferred” from Hasegawa Japanese Navy Airmen Set. The B-17 is from the Pit-Road 1:700 WWII US Warplanes 1 set.


Credits and References

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