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Project Notes

#646 Fairey Gannet

Building the most beautifully ugly Fairey Gannet from the Trumpeter 1:72 kit.

No electronics in this one.



The Fairey Gannet was developed as a carrier-born anti-submarine warfare platform. It was used by the Royal Navy between 1953 and 1978. Other operators included Australia, West Germany, and Indonesia.

Fairey Gannet - A Short History:


Paint Scheme

Feature Color Recommended Paint Used
  Black H2  
  Red H3  
  Yellow H4  
lower fuselage Light grey green H74 70.885 Pastel Green + 70.989 Sky Grey (~ 5:1)
wheel wells IJN Grey H61 70.989 Sky Grey
  Clear red H90  
  Clear green H94  
  Tire black H77  
upper fuselage Dark sea grey H331 70.868 Dark Sea Green

The Build

I approached this as a quick out of the box build just for fun. I even decided to take the armour modeller’s approach - build it before painting. It worked OK in this case!

There’s not much cockpit detail in the two modules that fit neatly into the fuselage.


All stitched up and ready for painting. Attempting this “armour style” for a speedy build. It seemed like I could manage to paint the cockpit after the fuselage was closed up.


Basic painting complete. The main issue at this stage was the fit of the canopies.


My “light grey green” may be a bit on the spearmint chewing gum end of the spectrum;-)


Decals on and a clean finish for now.



It needed Jupiter-grade levels of Liquid Gravity not to be a tail-sitter!


Credits and References

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