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Project Notes

#666 Axis Of Chess

Welcome to “Axis of Chess”, my little excuse for using up a bunch of spare Pit-Road 1:700 vehicles.



I shamelessly borrowed the idea from @beckersmodels after seeing his brilliant armour chess in 1:100.

1:700 scale turns out to be a nice size to do little base vignettes on S$0.10 coins. It took quite a few weeks to make the pieces and a couple of modelling sessions to make the chess board. The chess tiles are actually plywood decals from @proper.plane; I was originally going to do two shades of wood tile, but I stopped at this midway point that I really like - gives the impression of a marble and wood hand-crafted board, though it’s actually just plastic and decals;-)

The Kit

I love these 1:700 vehicle sets from Pit-Road. They give you a good selection of vehicles and are wonderfully moulded and detailed for 1:700. At the moment the range is quite limited but there are more kits in development that will add US, Soviet and British subjects to the line.

At present though I could only get axis forces, hence the red-on-red action!


The MI02 WWII German Military Vehicle Set 1 features:

I decided to assign the pieces as follows:


Paint Scheme

Main paints used:

Feature Color Recommended Paint Used
seats and trim Flat Black H12/C33 H12
tires and tracks Steel H18/C28 H18
Desert Camo Dunkel Gelb/Sandy Yellow H79/C39 70.824 German Camo Orange Ochre
Europe Camo Field Grey H32/C40 H32

Build Log

The Pit-Road 1:700 military vehicles are both incredibly small and also incredibly detailed

build01a build01b

A bunch of 5c (S$) coins and primed models from the Pit-Road kits - perfect together.


Afrika Corp ready for action


The only problem with the Pit-Road kits is that they are limited to axis forces, hence the red-on-red action!


Making a chess board - some plasticard and bass wood.


The magic starts to happen with plywood decals from @proper.plane

build04b build04c

build05a build05b build05c build05d build05e build05f build05g build05h build05i build05j build05k build05l build05m

Credits and References

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